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Founded: 2010

Company Overview

8NINE Agency was founded in 2010 by Pro Football Hall of Fame Legend Marshall Faulk and Entrepreneur & Sports-Philanthropist Nicole Bradley.

Our philanthropy-based agency utilizes our network of Athletes, Individuals, Organizations, Corporations, and Legends to create partnerships and provide opportunities for our clients that provide professional, personal and philanthropic development.

Our programs and mentorship consists of the combined components of Player Development, Business Development, and Personal Development. Through education, motivation, and inspiration we believe that each of us can reach our full potential.

8NINE is dedicated to developing healthier, happier, more passionate human beings. We believe that when we are the very best version of us, and living our lives with purpose and passion, we can truly become legendary.

Find Your Passion. Live Your Passion. Be Legendary


Products, Projects and Programs





NICOLE BRADLEY: Founder | Passionate Philanthropist.

8NINE Agency and the Be Legendary Project for me was about me creating an avenue to live my passion, and being part of something that inspires and brings out the best in everyone around us.     

My passion for Sports Philanthropy started with the influence of sports in early in my life, developed while at Gonzaga University and working with the Baseball Team and on a project with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and is solidified everyday when I recognize the impact sports still has as an adult, and as a business processional.

Through my professional career in Business Development and Player Development my passion and desire to help athletes, individuals, and companies build a legacy and leverage their position, power, and personality to positively impact and influence others in the community was developed and strengthened. 

My life experiences along the way shaped small parts of me, and in turn a large part of the company’s foundation. 

Now  I am able to work with our clients and encourage them to be the very best version of themselves professionally and personally.  Once we accomplish that, passion, inspiration, and dedication take control and they are able to live their passion.   We then develop that passion into a platform for them to help themselves, others, and to truly build a legacy.

When Marshall and I started working on the project I knew there was an opportunity to do something incredible, something meaningful, something that would impact lives for generations to come.  It’s not just about helping my clients today, and tomorrow, but years and generations down the road. 

We use Marshall’s legendary career and success both on and off the field as an example.  We help them become successful on the field today, but most importantly, we educate, motivate, and inspire them to be even more successful off the field.  The ultimate goal is to have success in life.   

8NINE helps establish that foundation for overall success in life.  We’re creating opportunities with value and substance, and projects with passion.   We are inspiring and guiding people to live with a purpose and to truly be legendary.   

Through Marshall and other Legendary Athletes, Individuals, and Organizations , 8NINE and The Be Legendary Project uses sports to educate, empower, develop character,  healthy life habits, and successful, passionate, inspiring human beings. 


“Find your Passion. Live your Passion. Be Legendary.”  – Nicole Bradley



MARSHALL FAULK: Founder | Hall of Fame. NFL Network Analyst

I started 8NINE because of all my experience in the NFL.  I felt with that, I could provide assistance in the development and branding of Pro Athletes and companies to help with their success.

I have real life experiences that players as well as business professionals can relate to.  I’ve been there.  I’ve done that.  And now I can take that and use it to help others.  This has impact now and in the future. 


 ”Makin Moves…  ” - Marshall Faulk